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Best Private Schools in Maryland

It is so easy to find “best of” lists of just about anything now. But Google “Best Private Schools in Maryland.” What you come up with is laundry list of school but no analysis of the best test scores, user rankings of the top schools, pretty much nothing. What you are left with is where you were before the Internet era: relying on anecdote and hearsay. We don’t even have a comparative “who went to which fancy Ivy League college?” list out there.

Our kids go to a private school that we absolutely love. So why are we always looking around? Because I’m not necessarily sold on the school – I’m sold on my kids’ current teachers. A school is only as good as your kids’ teachers.

If someone puts out a U.S. News & World Report type ranking of private schools in Maryland that provided real information, they would make a fortune. In the meantime, we are left with little to evaluate schools.

Anyway, this is the relatively worthless listings for best private schools in Maryland that Google has turned up for me:

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