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BoBo Explores Light: Great iPad App for Kids

BoBo Explores Light is a Must Buy Education App

BoBo Explores Light is a new iPad app that has exploded to top echelon of educational iPad apps. Listed in the “Book” section by Apple, BoBo Explores Light provides the two things I am looking for in an iPad application: education and entertainment.

The app provides children with a fun and education way to learn about nuances of science such as how the human eye and lasers work and fundamental science that you children will see again and again throughout their education: reflection, refraction, photosynthesis, bioluminescence, aurora borealis and much more.

This knowledge is laced with fun. For kids, fun usually involves special affects. BoBo the robot and this app gladly provides the kind of specials effects that make the iPad such a transcendent educational too. Touch his antenna? Something fun will. Maybe sadly, my kids love being able to strike BoBo with lightening.

Some of the content is a little complex. Even I could not follow the proton/neutron explanation at one point because it went too far beyond my positive/negative knowledge base. But even if your kids are too young to fully understand, they get introduction to concepts that they are certainly going to see again down the road.

The price of BoBo Explores Light is on the high side: $6.99. But, honestly, after playing with BoBo for a week, we would have paid $69.99.

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