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Flow Math iPad App

Flow Math Is an App Worth Trying

FlowMath is a really good iPad math app that helps your child take the leap from memorizing math facts to making use of that knowledge. It is a great bridge from facts to a real math application.

FlowMath gives you an answer. Let’s say it is 11 like the picture here. How do you get to 11? Your child might know that 5+6=11. But, can they figure that out given a bunch of numbers from which to choose? You can choose the numbers and the type of operation – start out with just addition if you child is doing something like this for the first time – and see how fast you can make your way through this twist on arithmetic tables.

The problems are randomized so there is an unlimited set of possible answers. Some problems have lots of answers and some have only one – those can be tough. The other cool thing about FlowMath is that is has a timer. So you can really compare apples to apples to see how you child is progressing.

FlowMath says it is configurable to 10, 20 or 30 problems although, for some reason, it is 12 when you pick 10. But other than that it works like you think it would.

I think there is a free version to try out FlowMath. But, honestly, it is just 99 cents. I’m guaranteeing you that your child will learn something from it. Just buy it and give it a try. If you like it (or not), come back here and leave a comment with your thoughts on this app.

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