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Stack the Countries Adds South Sudan

The great iPad geography game, Stack the Countries, which I can’t believe I have not done a review for yet, has added South Sudan to the game.

I’m giddy about this for two reasons. First, for all of the trouble it faces, the birth of South Sudan promulgates hope in an area of the world where hope is rarer than Haley’s Comet. May God bless them all.

But, on a lighter note, it is a NEW COUNTRY! That’s cool! I’ve been talking to my kids about the vote for independence in South Sudan and how a new country will be formed. We even drew in South Sudan on old maps. To see all of that talk manifested into a game they play, that’s just awesome. And it underscores the power of the iPad and the Internet. I still remember having encyclopedias that I’m sure were outdated when they were being printed.

Another Dan Russell-Pinson game, Presidents v. Aliens, had a question that asked who was president when Bin Laden was killed. I didn’t enjoy my 5-year-old’s follow-up questions about this. But it was still cool to have the game so current.

The lesson, as always, it is great to be a kid in 2019.

Anyway, if you have a child and you have an iPad, get Stack the States, Presidents v. Aliens, and Stack the Countries.

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