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Grimm’s Little Red Riding Hood: Great Book Wasted

redridinghoodIdeal Binary last iPad book, Rapunzel, was a book I complained about because the plot is beyond awful. But the 3D pop-up special effects made the book a keeper. We just sucked up the fact that good guy in the story sold off her first born child for some flowers after he got caught stealing them – in spite of his efforts at deception -off someone else’s property.

So when Ideal Binary came out with Little Red Riding Hood, I ignored the $3.99 price tag and bought it immediately and trotted in out for my youngest son last night. As advertised, great 3D interactive fun – just what an iPad should be.

Well, grandma ends up cutting up the wolf and making a carpet. Really? This is a kids’ book. It is no longer 1968. We are still stupid but we are not that stupid. Why can’t the story have a theme of love and reconciliation? Why blindly follow this idiotic plot?

I deleted the book off the iPad. Tonight, we will all look together hoping the next Bartleby has come out.

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