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My favorite website for teaching children how to read is Starfall is a (mostly) free website that focuses on teaching children to read with phonics.  I started using Starfall in 2006 before my son turned one.

My kids no longer use Starfall. But I have a six-year-old and I just went back to update this post for 2019.  Sure enough, Starfall has expanded its mission and it has some great new math programs that extend out to 3rd grade.  I don’t really think it is true 3rd-grade math.  It looks to me a bit more like early 2nd-grade math.  It is far from perfect.  It is not adaptive to the child’s individual learning and aptitude like so many modern educational sites and apps do.  Still, I love the feel of the website and I think children are drawn to it.

The site is free but to get all the programs it costs $35 a year.  It really is a steal.

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