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Third Grade Math iPad App

triangleMy son and I are working on Third Grade Math, an iPad math app by 965 Studios.

I have a lot of 965 Studios educational iPad apps, three vocabulary word apps that we use all of the time that have a similar look and layout as the Third Grade Math app. It also has more apps for each grade up to 7th.

I have played Third Grade Math about three times now. We have had it three days. So, obviously, I like it. They have a really good variety of math problems and they have a lot of mathematical thinking problems I did not conjure up on my own.

There are two flaws with the Third Grade Math iPad app. First, it is just not an attractive layout. I would love to see them do something like does which is absolutely beautiful. But it’s a layout, I can get over it.

The more practical problem is after you guess a problem, the problem itself disappears. So you really can’t got back and analyze what you did wrong. Kids – actually all of us – learn from our mistakes as much as our successes so it would be nice to have the opportunity to do that on Third Grade Math’s iPad app.

So there are weaknesses you will probably find annoying. But if you are trying to teach your child math, this is an absolute must have app you need in your arsenal.

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