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Undersea Math

Undersea Math

Undersea Math is another math low budget, under the radar educational iPad math app that my kids – particularly my daughter – consistently use.

The premise is very simple. You fill in the answer to the math problem on a little pretend wood puzzle and continue to solve math problems until the whole puzzle is revealed. It is hard to describe but you can look at the picture and get a feel for it. In this image, the last puzzle piece is being selected.

Anyway, I think the key is to build up mystery as to what is behind the puzzle. Now there are not a lot of different images behind the puzzle which is a huge weakness in the game that is just begging for an update (hint, hint if you are reading this Hien Ton). But even doing the same puzzles over and over (and over) again, you can still create pseudo mystery and excitement even when the kids know what is coming. The lesson, as always: kids are funny.You can get the lite free version of the game to check it out for yourself. But I really do recommend it.

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